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Hi! I'm Cecile, a Registered Clinical Counsellor who wants to help YOU live a life that fills you with joy and passion EVERY SINGLE DAY. Whether it's a specific mental health disorder that's bringing you down, or just life in general, my goal is to help you thrive. 


I'm all about giving you specific, clear tools to help you work through your struggles. If you're looking for a counsellor who's going to sit there and nod while giving you an empathetic smile for an hour, I may not be the counsellor for you. 

If, on the other hand, you want someone who works collaboratively with you and provides you tools to really work through your problems, you and I will likely get along well! 

To put it simply, if you're ready for real change, and you're willing to put the work in to get there, then I'm your lady! 

"You deserve the love, time and energy that you so freely give to those around you."

  • Do you ever feel like you put everyone before yourself, and by the end of the day, there's nothing left for you?

  • Do people call you the "mom" of the group? The person who feels responsible to take care of everyone else, at the expense of your own fun?

  • Do you struggle to be real and authentic with those around you, preferring to hide your feelings and not "burden" others with your problems? 

  • Do you sometimes struggle to understand your own feelings? Do they sometimes get the best of you and you regret how you acted?

  • Do you wish you could just figure things out? Do you wish that your feelings were no longer the master of your life? That you could live a life without stress, anxiety, sadness and depression? 

  • Or, maybe you feel like can't communicate properly with others? Like you need some more tools to help you repair a relationship in your life that causes you stress and distress?

If any of these sound like you, I feel your pain!


You WANT things to change, but you have no idea where to start! 

If you're anything like my clients, you've tried changing your thoughts, you've tried looking on the bright side, but nothing seems to work...
Sometimes, you just push your feelings aside, doing your best to ignore them because you're so overwhelmed by them and avoiding your feelings is the easiest option.

But it's not that easy, is it?

Because the stress is still there, making you second guess every decision, leaving you trying to figure out how to quit your job and move to Mexico...

And the sadness! It leaves you wondering why you can't be more grateful for all the good things in your life. Cause they're there! You can see them! But you just can't seem to appreciate them like you wish you could...

And your anxiety follows you around, making your heart pound in your chest, making your palms sweaty and as much as you tell yourself "I'm okay, everything is going to be okay", you still feel sick to your stomach.. 
So no, it's not "that easy"!


Here's what I know for sure: if it was easy to change your feelings and stop having depression, anxiety, PTSD or any other set of issues, you would have changed it by now. If it was easy, you would be the first one to do the work and be the happy, passionate and inspired person you crave to be. Believe me, I KNOW it's not easy to do it. 

That's why I'm here to help you. 


Together, you and I will find the right set of tools to fit YOUR life.

We'll work as a team to understand the issues you're facing right now, then we'll find the best approach to help you make the changes to overcome your problems.
I'm ALL about sustainable changes. This means that I work as hard as I can to help you make changes that are going to last past our final session together. Don't take this the wrong way, but my goal is to never see you again. I want you to have so many coping strategies that when problems come up, you have the ability to work through them and get back to the happy person you are!


I KNOW how difficult life can be. I UNDERSTAND how stuck you feel and how much you want to be that happy, inspired and passionate person.

So when you're ready, I'm here. 


"I would recommend Cecile to anyone struggling in a heartbeat. I am the best version of myself again thanks to her empathetic counselling."

Phone #: (250) 572-2324

Email: cecile.tucker@gmail.com

177 Victoria St, Kamloops, BC

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